FEATURE Languages expands on our vast pool of talented linguists and experts in various languages to provide focused, tailored language training and distance learning services.


Foreign Language Training Services: FEATURE Languages aspires to be more than a classroom company that delivers in a rigid learning environment. Instead, FEATURE Language..

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Feature Languages offers private one-to-one or small group distance learning programs.  These classes reduce the student-to-teacher ratio for focused sessions ..

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Language Courses

Feature Languages offers a variety of dialect specific foreign language courses designed to improve fluency and comprehension for students of any ability level...

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Feature Languages offers all inclusive in country live environment training programs in several locations to include Egypt, Jordan and Morocco...

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Feature Languages offers private one-to-one or small group distance learning classes.  The aim of these classes is to reduce the student-to-teacher ratio in order to provide a more individualized learning experience.

Students who would like private tuition focusing on a particular topic or area of the language, will receive individualized attention and more time will be spent to design specialized lessons. Class costs incorporate time used by teachers to prepare for one-on-one classes.



Select Language and view instructor schedules

Choose the language you want to study from our list of offered languages and preview the list of instructors and instructor availability.

Select Instructor and classes

Using our flexible scheduling system select the instructor you wish to work with and the dates and times you wish to study. After your selection has been made apply for the classes.

Apply for class

Apply for your desired classes. Your class will be confirmed within 24 hours of application.

Here's an Overview of Our Key Features


Cultural Based Education

Learn to speak Arabic, French or any other language we provide in a classroom or online environment themed around real life situations. Culture plays an essential role in any language. Understand..

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General Group Admin

A group administrator/customer contract representative can track each student’s hours, hours attended, hours scheduled and future classes. The administrator/customer contract representative will..

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Class Assignment

Class Material and Assignments

      Students will be able to send and receive class material and assignments in video, audio, .pdf and various other formats from their student dashboard. This includes any TDL mate..

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Classroom Tools

Aiding Students with Technical Advancements

Student ability to record their LDL sessions online. Whiteboard area for real time student teacher interaction. Live high-definition video (up to 720p), integrated audio, and data sharing. High-Def..

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Language Evaluation

Student Language Capabilities Assessment

Student language capabilities will be evaluated in the live environment during our immersion trips: Below are some of the areas in which we evaluate student capability through our unique EST..

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Curriculum Development

Special Curriculum

Feature works with local language and cultural experts using its high tech staff to develop special curriculum to fit your specific requirements.  We employee animation to connect words and grammar c..

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